What kind of projects can I create?
ArtIgnitor, obviously, focuses on art, especially art that tells stories. We’re really into comics, films, books, and music. What are you into? Show us!

Will this cost me anything?
Not really. You don’t actually pay us anything. We assess a small percentage fee on successfully crowdfunded projects, and we get a small split from items you sell in the store. Other than that, everything is freely available to you, and we do what we do to give you all that ArtIgnitor has to offer.

Are my projects mine?
Completely! You can share or give up ownership however you like, but, until then, you are sole owner. We’re just a virtual space for your ideas to unfold.

How is this different from other crowdfunding websites?
Other crowdfunding sites are only that: crowdfunding sites. We’re not only a crowdfunding site, we’re also a place for artists of all disciplines to find freelance work, and for people to collaborate socially and inspire each other. We don’t just help you find money for your projects; we get them fired up from the beginning!

So... When are you launching?
While we don't have a definitive date set, we can assure you that the platform is currently being built in earnest. Our developers, designers, and business-types are burning the candle at both ends to make sure we can bring ArtIgnitor to the world as soon as humanly possible. If you want to know more, you should probably follow us on Facebook and Twitter.